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In short

tadlachance is an art association dedicated to nomad, relational and contextual  art practice founded In 2002 by Madeleine Doré and Françoise Rod.
The association  creates reflexive spaces that offer opportunities to perceive daily life differently. tadlachance has developed activities as those relating to the hospitality and opportunities provided for ‘nomad’ artists en route through France. tadlachance is dedicated also to special, one-off installations, contextual projects.  interventions, and multi-cultural art events in public spaces, facilitates research, and brings people together from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.


Marcos Vidal et l'espai san Marc ont invité l'association tadlachance pour deux semaines aux Balléares dans l île de Majorque à Sineu. Sous le signe du trans local, les échanges avec les artistes et la scène artistique locale sont riches et féconds. A...